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Are you a Timeshare Owner that feels trapped under a mountain of debt or more ownership than you can use because of misleading  and deceptive sales practices? If so you may qualify for one of our services that will allow you to free yourself from the trap you find yourself in.

Enterprise Services Group offers Relief Services by a group of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the Timeshare Industry. We chose to leave the business due to the Developer's expectations that clients be mislead to get the sale, and focus only on profits, not people. We understand the high-pressured, misleading and down right deceitful sales tactics they employ that end up getting unsuspecting owners and their families in over their heads and into unmanageable financial situations.

Take back control of you and your families future, and if qualified we will put our vast experience to work for you with a relief service that will have you back in control of your future and actually looking forward to vacationing again. We are no different than you in realizing the importance of being able to take a break and enjoy a vacation with our friends and family and don't need to be convinced of this. Were you pressured into believing you need or could use more time than you really knew you needed? 

We can help you get just the amount of time you need. We can help you to remove the time you do not need. We can help you get the time to Relax and Enjoy a vacation without the mounting debt. 

We will not make promises we cannot keep. Because of this we cannot help everyone. If we are able to offer a relief service, it will be
guaranteed in writing and we will support you every step of the process.